Welcome to https://superparser.com (“website”). We are glad to see you. This page is designed to help you understand how we ensure compliance with GDPR.

We are committed to honoring our users’ rights to data privacy and protection. Even if our users might not be based in the EU, their candidates may be, so it is important that SuperParser is GDPR compliant to ensure all our clients are covered.

Under the GDPR, SuperParser is a Data Processor, and our customers are Data Controllers.

SuperParser’s Data Protection Officer & Security Officer Jack Rowley jack.rowley@superparser.com


SuperParser’s platform does not store documents sent to it for parsing, nor does it store the results from such processing. All processing takes place in memory. Neither documents nor results are ever written to disk or any other persistent storage.

Our privacy policy clearly states how we process information in a fair and transparent manner. In the capacity of a Data Processor, all the information we receive or collect is handled securely with adequate data protection measures.

To the extent that we act as a data processor on your behalf in connection with the performance of our Services, we will enter into a separate ”Data Processing Addendum” with you.


Under GDPR, individuals have the right to ask for the following:

  1. The Right to Information.
  2. The Right of Access.
  3. The Right to Rectification.
  4. The Right to Erasure.
  5. The Right to Restriction of Processing.
  6. The Right to Data Portability.
  7. The Right to Object.
  8. The Right to Avoid Automated Decision-Making.

For individuals who register on our website, we enable them to exercise all these rights to protect their Personal Information as outlined in the Privacy Policy.

For Parsing Services, we act as a data processor and don’t store any documents sent for parsing nor store any processed information. You as a data controller should take the consent before sending documents for parsing.


Data within SuperParser is secured using industry-standard encryption. Under Article 46 of the regulation, data can be transferred outside EU borders if the processor has appropriate security measures in place and if our client (the data controller) and SuperParser (data processor) have entered into a contract that includes contractual clauses specified by the EU.

According to Article 30 of GDPR, our clients need to maintain a record of all activities pertaining to the personal information of a data subject. SuperParser maintains a detailed audit log of all the activities.


Article 33 states that for any potential data breach, the supervisory authority (our client) must be notified within 72 hours of occurrence. We have sufficient data monitoring mechanisms in place to become aware of any such breach. In case a personal data breach occurs, we will send breach notifications in accordance with our internal incident response policy (within 72 hours of us discovering the breach). The communication will be sent as per the guideline mentioned in Article 33. This will give sufficient time for our clients to convey the breach to the respective authorities. Additionally, we will notify users through our blogs and social media for general incidents. We will notify the concerned party through email (using the primary email address) for incidents specific to an individual user or an organization.

For any queries, please contact us at legal@superparser.com